Squashing Fetish

"A fat guy like that would crush me like a bug."

"She was so heavy on top of me that I feel like a pancake."

"I'm going to make that little guy squirm and beg for mercy."

"You're squeezing the life out of me."

"Don't you feel tiny with me lying on top of you?"

"I can't breathe with you crushing me like this."

"There's no escape, little man. Once I've got you under my belly, you will have to do whatever I tell you to do."

"The mammoth girth of Yokozuna...imagine 641 pounds coming down at the speed of gravity and crushing your chest cavity."

Squashing is a term used to describe a particular sexual fetish that centers around one person using their weight to squash another person. Other terms that are used for this are crushing and smashing. There are many variations:

There have been many media appearances recently with women who crush men on shows like the Tyra Banks Show and Dr. Drew. It is easy to find those clips with a web search.

Below are links to sites that might be of interest to those who are into squashing.

Squashing and Domination a private membership group for male-on-male squashing
Big Booty Facesitters a private membership group for big guys who like to smother little guys' faces
Crush Writer heterosexual (BBW) squashing site
tumblr squashing entries from various tumblr blogs that are tagged "squashing"
Dimensions Online a resource site for big beautiful women and their admirers
Bigger City a members-only group for gay chubs and chasers
Grommr a members-only group for male gainers and encouragers
Gainer House a resource site for men who are interested in gaining weight
Big Barro's art work an art site with a squashing theme

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